AES is a facilities consulting firm specializing in establishing the eco-harmony of living and working communities. AES supports resilient, green building solutions that are in tune with the mission and business tasks of today’s affordable housing markets, municipalities, and cities.

AES develops integrated business approaches to address energy, water, and green demand with the energy supply side, for a total energy business solution. AES strives to harden a client’s facility to improve resiliency against rising energy costs, natural and manufactured disasters, cyberattacks, keeping clients, staff safe, while improving operations. Energy supply includes resiliency contingencies as a crucial component of any building utility management plan - the ability for any community to be better prepared to withstand catastrophic events, and to bounce back, emerging stronger from unplanned events when the lights go out.

Concerns about the environment, air quality, volatile energy prices and technology have captured consumer attention in ways that have made today’s affordable housing providers, municipalities and cities eco-wise consumers. Yet many have limited in-house capacity to address the problems, and they continue to pay the going rate. Affordable housing providers, municipalities, and cities want to play an active role in when and how power is used. New technology exists to provide smarter solutions for conserving energy and water, collecting utility data information and controlling usage patterns to reduce consumption and costs, while enhancing the health and comfort of employees, residents and resiliency of our living and working communities. 

We strive to grow and develop as a recognized green and resiliency service leader in the market place by anticipating and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

  • Ever Green and resile - make resilient our living and working communities

  • To be a catalyst for innovation

  • To create value and make a difference 

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