​Our Passion

We develop cost-effective green and resilient business solutions that meet the present and future requirements of municipalities, cities, and the affordable housing market. To accomplish this, we investigate all reasonable options. We remain agnostic to technology, selecting the best affordable solution to meet the customer’s requirements. Where appropriate, we seek tested energy technologies and design customized engineering solutions. We strive to offer excellence in the design and delivery of energy business services. AES believes that compromising comfort for cost is not a solution for a productive enterprise or living environment. Our result is a customer with the capacity to manage usage, maintain systems at lower costs long after AES has completed the project.


Developing Cost-Effective Green and Resilient Business Solutions

Apollo Engineering Solutions® (AES) would like to thank you, our customers, partners and colleagues as we celebrate our 14-year anniversary. Your support and confidence in AES’ services and products have permitted AES to grow and expand. In addition to our core green building solutions, we are expanding our products and services into the areas of demand side utility services, resiliency, and carbon monetization.